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Review posted surnames
  • Any member logged in to the site can review posted surnames by clicking this link: Surname Interests

    An example of the surname list for members appears here:
    preview of the surname listing
  • The surnames can be reviewed in alphabetical order as shown, or you can type a name in the Search Surname box to filter the list. The search results will also include any alternate spellings entered for the surname.
  • In the result list, click on the "eye" View Details icon to view the surname details, including alternate spellings and any Notes / Comments. An example of the details screen appears here:
  • preview of the surname detail window
  • The "email" Email Inquiry icon allows you to send a message anonymously to the member who posted the surname. Please include a message explaining your interest in sharing information. Always be courteous and remember that there could be a delay before your message is read.
Members, add your surnames
  • Click on Member Login in the left menu, then click the Profile item in the menu.
  • Click the Surnames tab in the lower box.
  • Click the Add Surname icon in the upper right corner of Surnames display.
    The first time you open this section, you’ll see the message “No Records Found.”
    After you’ve added some surnames, your personal list of entries will appear here.
  • Add a surname and other data. The Notes section is useful for information such as occupation, military service, or references.
    Click Save in the upper right corner.
  • To correct an entry, click the "pencil" Edit icon. To remove an entry, click the "trash can" Deleteicon.
  • If you are researching your surname in more than one Yankee location, add that surname multiple times.